#SafeSex / Mandy Moore

The queer community reckons with safe sex in 2019, and we get REALLY LIT reimagining the future of Mandy Moore's music career.

Royalty Review

Mandy Moore has proven to be the queen of wise career decisions, always swaying where the money goes, but only a few, including Johnny Darlin, are aware of how deep her passion for music still lies. Is Mandy Moore destined to be milktoast, or does she have the ovaries it takes to listen to our insane recommendations for the future of her music career?

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Catching Up

Johnny Darlin is trying to thrive on his new Liftonics diet, Philly struggles with a breakup, and Juju accidentally take us down a much-needed conversation about safe sex in the queer community in 2019.

Queer Artist Spotlight

“No Words” by Probe 7