Beyoncé is Dark Energy / Tristan Carter-Jones

Main Topic: Beyoncé’s

With special guest Tristan Carter-Jones (friend of the show and front woman of Dakota Jones), we explore the life and times of Queen Bey (PRONOUNCED BEEEEEE).


Queer Artist Spotlight

“Press Play” by Dakota Jones


Catching Up

Philly reflects on a summer full of beaches and camps, but sweat drop down his balls, so he cannot WAIT for summer.  Johnny has discovered open mics, and is now on fire throughout New York City.  Juju takes us on a non-sensical journey, the ultimate message of which is to respect sexual assault survivors and trans women of color (*cough* Kim Petras).


Queer Artist Spotlight

“Beat Back Bones” by Dakota Jones


Nurse Dom! (Pop Emergencies)

Aretha Franklin is iCUNTic-ally dead, and we pay respects to the queen!  The internet is having a racist breakdown after rumors that Disney may cast Zendaya Coleman in the live adaptation of The Little Mermaid.  Lady Gaga’s A STAR IS BORN acting continues to receive rave early reviews.