Ariana Grande: Woke or Dumb? / Scott Kramp

Main Topic: Ariana Grande ‘Sweetener’

With special guest Scott Kramp (Dakota Jones bassist and our official STRAIGHT correspondent), we explore the woke-ness, intellect, sincerity, talent, mental health and music of Ariana Grande.

Catching Up

Johnny is struggling with the balance of networking and performing live with inward creative work.  Philly got that big promotion at work, but he is having second thoughts now.  Juju is on a CRACK HIGH of optimism after a performance at BIZARRE Bushwick for Undiscovered Countries.

Queer Artist Spotlight

“Last of the Day” by Dakota Jones

Nurse Dom! (Pop Emergencies)

We get to know today’s guest Scott Kramp - talking Red Hot Chili Peppers, Charlie Puth and all things bass!  POP EMERGENCIES include: Nicki Minaj’s documentary clips and her outbursts on QUEEN radio, Britney Spears wrapping up her Piece of Me Tour (and the reportedly horrible European Meet-and-Greets; look it up on YouTube), and Troye Sivan’s new album’s mixed reviews.

Queer Artist Spotlight

“Have Mercy” by Dakota Jones