Problematic Artists: Stream or Skip?

Main Topic: How Should We Handle Problematic Artists?

R. Kelley, Kanye West, Kim Petras.  There has been a recent spat of established and newly rising pop stars, both in and outside the queer community that have presented breathtaking pieces of art alongside astonishingly repulsive behavior. Do we continue to listen or press the skip button?


Catching Up

Johnny returns from an iconic set of shows performed in Prague.  Juju performs in Brooklyn to premiere his new song “Hot Pink Lipgloss”.  Philly meets Princess Tiana at Disney World!


Queer Artist Spotlight: 

“Trick! The Musical” by Natti Vogel


Nurse! (Pop Emergencies)

Troye Sivan teases new music video for “Bloom”, Ariana Grande and SNL cast member Pete Davidson are officially dating, and a tragedy involving Kate Spade reminds us to care for ourselves and each other. Mental Health is important!

Queer Artist Spotlight: 

“Hot Pink Lip Gloss” by Juju Garcia