2018 Song O' the Summer

Main Topic: What’s Your Song of the Summer?

The concept of a “Song of the Summer” is constantly morphing, so we pin down what it means to each of us this year, as well as our personal picks! Hint: Ariana Grande has “No Tears Left to Cry”, when she’s Kacey Musgrave’s enjoying that “Slow Burn” on her “High Horse”, all while Mariah Carey is living her #SkinnyLegend “Fantasy” “Underneath the Stars”.


Catching Up

Juju is in his feels about Cher and the hypocritical colonialist oversensitivity toward Anti-Israel criticisms.  Philly is officiating a marriage!  Johnny struggles to re-align himself in New York City, after his trip from Prague, while preparing for his upcoming performances:


See Johnny Live at:

“Johnny Darlin:  Songs About Boys”

June 23rd or June 26th @ 7PM

Kraine Theater (85 E 4th St)

Part of the Frigid Queerly Festival


Queer Artist Spotlight: 

“Way with Words” by Johnny Darlin



Nurse! (Pop Emergencies)

Kodie Shane is our new favorite lesbian rapper, Nicki Minaj teases a documentary album, Dolly Parton gets a Netflix deal, and Hayley Kiyoko & Kehlani premiere their lesbian love story music video “What I Need”. 


See our reaction on Juju’s YouTube channel!



Queer Artist Spotlight: 

“Kiss of a Figure Skater” by Sob Sister