Insane Timeless Billboard Predictions

Main Topic: Billboard Music Awards Predictions

“I’ve blown so many Christians, my mouth is a cross.” We go on an insane marathon of Billboard Music Awards 2018 predictions and discuss the relative absence of WOMEN as nominees!


Catching Up

Johnny is anxious to fly out to Prague this week! Juju reassesses the complexity of modern life.  Philly is hungover from wondrous pre-wedding celebrations!


Queer Artist Spotlight:

“Hate” by Cameron Toy


Nurse! (Pop Emergencies)

Meghan and Harry’s Royal Wedding, Rita Ora and Hayley Kiyoko face off over “Girls” controversy, and we catch up on the Met Gala and TONS of Cards B updates.

Queer Artist Spotlight:

“Busy Puts” by Tristan Carter-Jones