Emo Bands, Avicii & Mental Health

Main Topic: Emo Bands: Sensitive Souls or Maniacal Misogynists?

After Johnny and Philly got sucked into “Emo Night” at The Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg, they KNEW this was the perfect moment to dissect everyone’s favorite genre.  We were surprised when some pretty amazing conversations about misogyny, performative suicide and genuine depression sprung up. We hope this helps anyone dealing with depression and anxiety, but even if you’re not, enjoy!


Catching Up

Philly returns to social media, and it’s a whole new world! Johnny returns to relics of his younger self, as he prepares for his Prague Fringe Festival performance. Juju explores the tragic early death of dance music prodigy Avicii, through which he introduces the queers to a mental-health-related Japanese fashion style, called Yami-kawaii. 


Learn more about Yami-kawaii here: 



Queer Artist Spotlight:

“Congrats” by Gandor Chorale



Nurse! (Pop Emergencies)

Johnny tries to make ABBA happen.  Juju lays in shock at Lana Del Rey’s alleged jiu-jitsu skills. Philly tries to get us all to unsubscribe from Apple Music, in favor of Spotify.

Queer Artist Spotlight:

“Mastodon” by Cameron Toy