Beychella with Scott

Main Topic: Face the Music: Beychella

Beyoncé gives us 2 weekends of legendary Coachella performances, so to celebrate, we knew we had to bring in a straight cisgendered white man to discuss!  Special guest Scott Kramp, bassist of the iconic queer-fronted band Dakota Jones, joins us!


Catching Up

Philly is reeling from Mercury in Retrograde. Juju says goodbye to his longtime boyfriend.  Johnny relives a wild NYC Saturday night on-air.


Queer Artist Spotlight:

Dakota Jones

Songs: “Black Light” & “Bloody Murder”


Nurse! (Pop Emergencies)

Christina Aguilera slays on Carpool karaoke, Ariana Grande releases an okay song with stellar vocals, Kehlani’s queerness is news to mainstream media, Ada Vox is the QUEEN of ABC’s American Idol reboot, and Shania Twain is a Trump supporter.