Early 00s Anti-Pop Pop Queens

Main Topic: Royalty Review: Early 00s Anti-Pop Pop Queens

Avril Lavigne, Ashlee Simpson, Michelle Branche, Lindsay Lohan… and Hillary Duff?  Up for their Royalty Review this week, is a set of unique and questionable anti-pop pop queens from the early 2000s.


Catching Up

Johnny prepares for even more shows in Brooklyn this week!  Juju is in the midst of songwriting and wants you to get excited for his upcoming single “Hot Pink Lipgloss”.  Philly is performing standup tomorrow! 


Watch Johnny perform live:

The nights of Tues. 3/27 or Sat. 3/31 @ BIZARRE Bushwick


Watch Philly perform live:

“Everything is Falling Apart” Astoria, Queens, March 22nd


Queer Artist Spotlight:

“I Don’t Want to Find the One” by Natti Vogel



Nurse! (Pop Emergencies)

Taylor Swift releases an underwhelming new music video for “Delicate”.  Demi Lovato conveniently touts herself as “sexually fluid”, and we celebrate up-and-coming queer pop star Fletcher’s “I Believe You”

Queer Artist Spotlight:

“In the End” by Exa Sim