American Idol & Beyoncé

Main Topic: Face the Music: American Idol
It’s time for American Idol to “Face the Music”.  The show returns on a TV network with a much more friendly anti-bullying brand, but bullying was the entire reason the show became a hit when it was on Fox.  Did it create communities of music fans throughout the country or simply serve up false dreams?

Catching Up
Johnny relishes in his iconic comeback show at El Cortez in Bushwhack, Brooklyn, NY.  Juju is struggling with major life transitions.  Philly serves us a live reaction to his magazine debut in Time Out NY, through which he was set up a with a blind date.

Time Out NY’s “The Undateables”:

Watch Philly perform live:
“Everything is Falling Apart” Astoria, Queens, March 22nd

Queer Artist Spotlight:
“Last Meal” by An Only Child

Nurse! (Pop Emergencies)
Olly Alexander releases an iconic Years and Years music video with “Sanctify”.  Black Panther raked in a lot of money in China, but most viewers were very turned off by the amount of black people on the screen.  Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3’s finale is tomorrow! We discuss who we want to win. And, Beyoncé has announced the sequel joint tour with her husband “On the Run II”.

Queer Artist Spotlight:
“I Run With You” by Anna/Kate