Super Bowls & Alleged Rapists

Back Rolls! (Main Topic)

Justin Timberlake’s Halftime Show was so horrible that on today’s episode, we roll you back to the best and the worst of Super Bowl Halftime shows - from Michael Jackson to Beyonce to Gaga.


Catching Up

Juju’s first trip to trendy Brooklyn gay bar The Rosemont brings him face-to-face with his rapist, making him reconsider talk therapy.  Phil has been living in full embrace of “less trash, more cash”.  Johnny marches up towards a musical reinvention where his vocals are right up front.


Queer Artist Spotlight:

HoneyChrome’s “Boomerang”


Nurse! (Pop Emergencies)

Johnny puts forth Janet Jackson and Beyonce as this year’s potential Queens of the Summer.  Juju engages the group in a conversation on Kim Petras - the rising pop star who happens to be a gifted songwriter and transexual but works almost exclusively with Dr. Luke.  

Queer Artist Spotlight:

Modern Huge’s “Nothing I Say Will Make It Better”