The Oscars & Mary J. Blige

Main Topic:  Face the Music! (The Oscars)
Because of the Alamo Drafthouse we’ve seen almost everything nominated so let’s talk about what deserves to win. Brought to you by the Alamo Drafthouse.

Catching Up
Johnny continues focusing on the music, Juju is apartment-hunting and Philly discovers the strangeness that is heater’s having fun.  We also pay tribute to the young queens standing up as revolutionary victims at Marjory Stonemason Douglas High School.

Watch Philly perform live:
“Everything is Falling Apart” Astoria, Queens, March 22nd

Queer Artist Spotlight:
“Life” by Matt Davis

Nurse! (Pop Emergencies)
Janelle Monae is blowing us away with her new singles “Make Me Feel” and “Django Jane”.  Pussy Riot and the Russian government are at each other again.  Global Superstar CL closes the Olympics in South Korea.
Queer Artist Spotlight:
“Tin Roof Now” by La Louma