Whitney Houston & Transwomen

Main Topic:  Royalty Review (Whitney Houston)
6 years ago we lost a gift to the world - the voice, the star, Ms. Whitney Houston.  Her career was epic but cut way too short, so with the gifts we were left with, will she pass her ROYALTY REVIEW?  Let’s see, honey…

Catching Up
Johnny experiences a musical rebirth filled with anxiety and hope.  Philly begins a new phase in stand-up comedy career, in which he is being reached out to!  Juju is a gay man, but his identity and the nature of sexuality and gender is thrown for a loop when a pre-bottom-surgery trans-woman propositions him.

Watch Philly perform live:
“Everything is Falling Apart” Astoria, Queens, March 22nd

Queer Artist Spotlight:
Sob Sister’s “Pansy”

Nurse! (Pop Emergencies)
Whatever happened to Tinashe?  Cardi B destroys New York Fashion Week.  Black Panther and it’s glorious soundtrack are out!
Queer Artist Spotlight:
Baby Rex’s “Better To Do”