Dishonorable Men w/ Savannah DesOrmeaux

Main Topic: Kanye, Kavanaugh and Louis C.K.

Sometimes you just can’t talk about pop music, celebrity and queens without getting into the weeds - a.k.a. MEN.  So, this week we revisit the topic of problematic artists, and whether it’s okay to consume their content.

Catching Up

Juju finds solace in the guided breathing “Breathe Deep” mobile app.  Philly gets a text from an ex on the same day that his current lover announces his departure.  Johnny feels disconnected or uninvited from the world, and the queers help him unpack that.

Queer Artist Spotlight

“Men are a Top Sheet” by Savannah DesOrmeaux

Nurse Dom! (Pop Emergencies)

We get to know iconic Queen O’ Comedy Savannah DesOrmeaux before discussing Beyoncé’s witchcraft, the new Ticketmaster lawsuit, and Cardi B turns herself in for another crime pridefully committed.

Queer Artist Spotlight

“Morning Routine” by Savannah DesOrmeaux