CupcakKe! w/ Angela Petriello

Main Topic

We explore rapper Cupcakke’s sexually charged songs, staunch feminism, queer ally-ship and lyrical genius.

Catching Up

Juju is getting used to transformations at his day job, Phil is still sick while contemplating self-destructive voices in his head, and Johnny is training for a marathon while eating way too much candy.

Queer Artist Spotlight:

“Glow” by Bitch

Guest: Angela Petriello

Juju takes our Resident Friend Angela Petriello through a whiplash maze of questions exploring her love for Janelle Monae, Beyonce’s witchcraft, and Aretha Franklin’s legacy. 


Kehlani calls out ignorant fools criticizing her queer pregnancy, Taylor Swift somehow surpasses Kanye West in the land of being woke, and Adam Lambert prepares for a live TV tribute to “Wicked” the musical. Spooky Ooky!

Queer Artist Spotlight:

“Rock Bottom” by Bitch