Selena Gomez vs. Demi Lovato


Intro Song: “Libido’s Hum” by CristalC


Produced by sky the dog:


Outro:  “All is Well” by Pansy Boys



Main Topic:  Selena vs. Demi

More than ever, their careers are becoming fun-house mirrors of each other.  We go into how Selena figured out the perfect way to utilize her voice and is garnering major cultural cache with her perfectly edgy choices, while Demi has always had the pipes and is growing into a world-class live performer.  Selena is a perfect career-obsessed robot; Demi is a human with a torrid past.


Our Queer-Ass Lives:

Juju shares his rape experience.  We want to let you know you have support groups around you, including us.  If you ever need immediate and/or private help, please call 1-800-656-HOPE.  Johnny puts “Girls Trip” and “Beauty and the Briefcase” into conversation.  Philly participates in Camp Highlight, a wonderful summer program for children from LGBTQ families.


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Pop News:

Philly recommends watching the young queer love story “In a Heartbeat”:  Johnny leads us in mourning Britney’s last month of Vegas residency.  Juju leads us into the hurricane of what is currently one Ms. Mariah Carey’s career in 2017.


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