Lust for Lana


Intro Song: “The Palace” by Sweeping Exits

Outro:  “Restless Mind“ by Merce Lemon


Main Topic:  Lana Del Rey’s “Lust for Life”

We talk about her unique place in music as an icon of nostalgia, a voice from the devil’s corneas, and her continued progression into a simultaneously pioneering and nostalgic soundscape.  Johnny Darlin confirms one NEEDS green assistance in order to really form the proper connection with this song, and we all agree the title track is THE BEST among a basket of jewels.


Our Queer-Ass Lives:

The queers discuss Johnny’s iconic 19th birthday weekend (we swear he’s 19), including a Carly Rae Jepsen EMOTION dance party, a fabulously queer Caribbean night at Langston’s and our stalk-ation of a hot bus boy at Sweet Chick named Jacob.  JACOB, TEXT US!


Sponsor (we swear we have them! We swear!)

#LunchIsServed with Red Handkerchief. Don’t forget coupon code QOQisFAKE ;) ;) ;)


Pop News:

Johnny tries to make Mandy Moore happen again, because reportedly she is preparing for a music-comeback.  Philly gags us over CharliXCX’s new self-directed music video for “Boys” - featuring the hot bodies of Diplo, Whiz Khalifa, Jay Park and more succulent more!  Juju asks his fellow queers to unpack the news of Dr. Luke’s legal team subpoenaing Lady Gaga’s text messages with Kesha.  It’s simply a bit too much THIS WEEK! UGH! The world!


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