Pop Music & Mental Health


Intro Song: “City Glow” by SuperKnova


Outro:  “I Hear Them Calling” by Rae Spoon



Main Topic:  Sinead O’Connor and the Importance of Mental Health

This is a very difficult time for everyone in the country, so the iconic Sinead O’Connor having a very public mental health breakdown begged for conversation. We are frivolous and glittery, but at the end of the day, mental health is a REAL issue within the queer experience, as well within the female pop star experience.  If you need to talk to anyone we are here for you and for anonymous/professional resources:




Our Queer-Ass Lives:

Johnny’s dad came to town, and the queers saw Earth, Wind & Fire and CHIC at Madison Square Garden; also, go see Drunk Shakespeare with Kelsey Lipsky (bit.ly/2v1m0Om)!  Juju shares a unique sexscapade with a Halal truck guy #WhiteSauce!  Philly has an update on the “WORK CRUSH SAGA”, and it is MAJOR!!! (and complicated, sigh)


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Pop News:

Juju gags over Rihanna’s Carnival costume photos.  Phil dismantles Camila Cabello’s follow-up singles to “Crying in the Club” #GetItTogetherGURL!  Johnny conspires about Lana Del Rey making a compilation album of the hundreds of leaked unreleased songs floating throughout the internet.


Sponsor (we swear we have them! We swear!)

SPEAKROOM. Get well.  For whenever your friends make fun of your farts, speak room therapists are here for you (JK, we genuinely recommend finding an affordable licensed therapist though!)