Rihanna’s Voice & We Feel So Summer

We though it’d be a simple “song of the summer” episode, but then Rihanna came up~


Queer Artist Spotlight

Intro: “Overdressed” by TWINKIDS

Outro: “Hurricane Lifeline” by My Gay Banjo


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Show Notes:

Johnny dishes on Iggy Azalea’s (remember her?) production company confirming a track on her upcoming album will feature arch enemy Azalea Banks.


Philly gives us the T on why Jay-Z’s 4:44 MATTERS to the queer community and to our QUEEN-WORSHIP podcast.


Juju falls head-over-heels in love with St. Vincent’s new career-changing track “New York”.


We all declare our songs of the summer:

Johnny:  “Wild Thoughts” feat. Rihanna (by DJ Khaled)

Juju:  “Love Galore” by SZA

Philly:  “I Want You Back” by Haim


We thought it would be a simple “song of the summer” episode, but really it hurricane’d into a full worship of Rihanna’s vocal growth into a cultural icon all it’s own.


Juju suggests Rihanna’s voice will be THE ONE remembered from our time.  Michael advocates that Rihanna is somewhat of the Madonna of our time, but Philly points out how unexpectedly family-friendly Rihanna’s freedom is.


Also, Webster Hall announces it’s closure while we are on the air. LIVE REACTIONS (mostly confused LOL).