Broken Mics & Acrylic Nails

Intro song: “Castles Mansions Champagne“ by Juju Garcia

Outro song: “Black Light” by Dakota Jones


Attention!: This show description was dictated into my computer because I have the most debilitating acrylic nails. My computer sucks though; guess what else sucked? Our Mike's! Our microphones! The audio from our Mike's was so bad that we decided to have me recount our entire conversation on the wine. Ha ha Ha! So welcome to queers on Queens bitch and get ready

Phil met a boy on the upper west side after a lovely day in Central Park with his coworkers/friends and he met a crazy group of personal trainers that made him do the cancan

I'm at the friend of a shake Kool-Aid fan fell and Phil's friends wrote on a cardboard sign to give this boy is the number and the boy was too drunk and said I'll text you tomorrow

Hey protect infant Sat they've been texting since Saturday

We talk about Patty Labelle we saw her Friday and a thunderstorm she is a vocal slaves queen she rode our lives

Very man in the belts me out of gay pride event at a bar

Magazine it was uplifting pride that was such a good turn out but not as much as last year we thought.

BT awards team are Braxton Remi mom\\\

Take the l Nicki

Not in the rock-a-bye English group collaborated Marina and the diamonds

I'm a drag race was amazing in that I am Sasha Valore won the reunion was insane Valentina is amazing she's also insane drag race is the bomb and we are really happy that Sasha from our whole neighborhood watch

Go by FiFi Dobson don't go we shade Johnny for picking this song FiFi Dobson that has married a white guy

Jhon Ni stands up for himself

Janet Jackson together again France lost from HIV aids we tell Phil to listen to that song every day because he feels hole and grounded and connected to others

I'm coming out by Diana Ross OK!

We say bye