Season Finale: Dolly Parton

Our first round of episodes has been life-altering, and we’re so happy to see so many new subscribers.  So, we’re taking a few weeks off to prep for a bigger and queerer Season 2!

In our Season 1 finale, we discuss reigning queen of a genre most wouldn’t expect to be discussed on a queer podcast - one Ms. Dolly Parton!  

We were like an Upper East Side chihuahua that founda fresh dildo with this episode.  We discuss her pure & simple talent, her quietly transgressive lifestyle, and her allyship (sometimes more than expected; other times questionable).  This episode goes deep but as always we're having a gay ol' time.

Enjoy and we’ll see you for Season 2 in a couple of weeks!  Don’t forget to subscribe, rate and MOST IMPORTANTLY share with other queers and allies.  Let’s create a community, y’all.