Season Premiere: Ariana, Miley, Katy

Season 2 is here!  The Queers reunite during a pretty sensitive time for our Queens.  We discuss the tragedy in Manchester and resulting beautiful conert One Love Manchester.  We touch on an anniversary for the (late?) great Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry's trifling ass, and then, of course, the big cahuna of current cultural frustration: Destiny Hope Smiley MILEY CYRUS.  Here we go!

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Season Finale: Dolly Parton

Our first round of episodes has been life-altering, and we’re so happy to see so many new subscribers.  So, we’re taking a few weeks off to prep for a bigger and queerer Season 2!

In our Season 1 finale, we discuss reigning queen of a genre most wouldn’t expect to be discussed on a queer podcast - one Ms. Dolly Parton!  

We were like an Upper East Side chihuahua that founda fresh dildo with this episode.  We discuss her pure & simple talent, her quietly transgressive lifestyle, and her allyship (sometimes more than expected; other times questionable).  This episode goes deep but as always we're having a gay ol' time.

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"Hey QT"... "Yeah?!"

Charli XCX collaborator PC Music’s deeply weird project with an NYU Gallatin (the weird school) graduate, “Hey QT” isn’t a person, it isn’t a podcast, it’s a drink… And a song… Sort of?

Tune in to our weirdest, funniest episode yet, as we merely attempt to unpack “What the hell is Hey QT” YEAH!

#Weird #ThesaurusPlease

R&B Queen: Kehlani “SweetSexySavage”

We’re discussing our first newly-minted R&B Queen Kehlani!  Her album SweetSexySavage came out earlier this year, and we all felt like sitting around with a glass of wine and talking that talk.  


Cheers!  To our favorite Queer&Queen of the moment, killer vocals, tender songwriting, has one song that may be more R&B than Destiny’s Child’s entire discography, solid albeit suspicious pop productions.  To Kehlani!

Maren Morris: Country's Pop "Hero"

Johnny, Juju and Philly discuss what country's "Diva O' de Day" Maren Morris and her Grammy-nominated debut album "Hero" mean - not only for women in country but for artists across the board.

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Rupaul: An Accidental Introduction

After serving you a bit of “Love Takes Time” at the intro, we get into what we thought was going to be a standalone episode about Queen of Queens/Drag Monster/Legend Rupaul, but after contentions and fascinations pop up, we realized Rupaul needs at least a Part 2, if not also a Part 3, 13, 30…

Enjoy as we begin our exploration into the career of artist/activist/icon Rupaul MOTHERFUCKEN Charles.

Make sure to tune into Season 9 of Rupaul’s Drag Race on VH1 @ 8/7c. <3 Love you all!

Cascada's Comeback - "Run"

Tier-2 Queen Philly is ready and willing to fight to the death for Cascada's comeback, following the release of their new single "Run".

We go back in time to high school (not very long ago, actually, maybe even just a year or two... or more) to remember their favorite albums of them pep ralley days.

Then, onto discussing the comeback of Eurodance pop group Cascada's latest single "Run" - an addictive, swirling new dance track that Philly seems to think is the 2nd coming of Christ.  Johnny and Juju MUST have read a different bible.  Listen in as the queen's fight over and then come around to bonding over the new trash hit.

Lady Gaga's Super Bowl!

3 queer friends in New York City fan-out over pop culture. On today's episode, the queers are joined by special guest Tristan Carter-Jones, frontwoman for the up-and-coming NYC band Dakota Jones.

At a Super Bowl party, they all react and give their hot takes on Lady Gaga's Super Bowl halftime performance. GAG and enjoy! <3

Our First Episode!

Johnny Darlin, Juju Garcia and Philly Hughes introduce themselves and their favorite pop music queens.  They also discuss Beyonce's Pregnancy News and Lady Gaga Super Bowl predictions.