Early 00s Anti-Pop Pop Queens

Main Topic: Royalty Review: Early 00s Anti-Pop Pop Queens

Avril Lavigne, Ashlee Simpson, Michelle Branche, Lindsay Lohan… and Hillary Duff?  Up for their Royalty Review this week, is a set of unique and questionable anti-pop pop queens from the early 2000s.


Catching Up

Johnny prepares for even more shows in Brooklyn this week!  Juju is in the midst of songwriting and wants you to get excited for his upcoming single “Hot Pink Lipgloss”.  Philly is performing standup tomorrow! 


Watch Johnny perform live:

The nights of Tues. 3/27 or Sat. 3/31 @ BIZARRE Bushwick


Watch Philly perform live:

“Everything is Falling Apart” Astoria, Queens, March 22nd


Queer Artist Spotlight:

“I Don’t Want to Find the One” by Natti Vogel



Nurse! (Pop Emergencies)

Taylor Swift releases an underwhelming new music video for “Delicate”.  Demi Lovato conveniently touts herself as “sexually fluid”, and we celebrate up-and-coming queer pop star Fletcher’s “I Believe You”

Queer Artist Spotlight:

“In the End” by Exa Sim


American Idol & Beyoncé

Main Topic: Face the Music: American Idol
It’s time for American Idol to “Face the Music”.  The show returns on a TV network with a much more friendly anti-bullying brand, but bullying was the entire reason the show became a hit when it was on Fox.  Did it create communities of music fans throughout the country or simply serve up false dreams?

Catching Up
Johnny relishes in his iconic comeback show at El Cortez in Bushwhack, Brooklyn, NY.  Juju is struggling with major life transitions.  Philly serves us a live reaction to his magazine debut in Time Out NY, through which he was set up a with a blind date.

Time Out NY’s “The Undateables”:

Watch Philly perform live:
“Everything is Falling Apart” Astoria, Queens, March 22nd

Queer Artist Spotlight:
“Last Meal” by An Only Child

Nurse! (Pop Emergencies)
Olly Alexander releases an iconic Years and Years music video with “Sanctify”.  Black Panther raked in a lot of money in China, but most viewers were very turned off by the amount of black people on the screen.  Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3’s finale is tomorrow! We discuss who we want to win. And, Beyoncé has announced the sequel joint tour with her husband “On the Run II”.

Queer Artist Spotlight:
“I Run With You” by Anna/Kate

Charli XCX, Shakira & Meghan Trainor

Main Topic:  Royalty Review:  Charli XCX
Charli XCX is up for her Royalty Review!  She is a genius songwriter and a badass, inclusive pop star, but is she problematic?

Catching Up
Johnny has made a decision on whether or not he is staying in New York City.  Juju is fresh off a Mexico City vacation!  Philly is preparing for his upcoming stand-up show.

Watch Philly perform live:
“Everything is Falling Apart” Astoria, Queens, March 22nd

Queer Artist Spotlight:
“XO, Skeleton” by Hailey Wojcik

Nurse! (Pop Emergencies)
Meghan Trainer prepares for her pop music comeback.  Shakira’s entire financial wellbeing is being attacked by Spanish tax authorities.  Marin Morris is making interesting moves, dipping into jazz, as well as collaborations with EDM luminaries like Zedd - what is she up to..?
Queer Artist Spotlight:
“In the Dark I See” by Ryne Meadow

The Oscars & Mary J. Blige

Main Topic:  Face the Music! (The Oscars)
Because of the Alamo Drafthouse we’ve seen almost everything nominated so let’s talk about what deserves to win. Brought to you by the Alamo Drafthouse.

Catching Up
Johnny continues focusing on the music, Juju is apartment-hunting and Philly discovers the strangeness that is heater’s having fun.  We also pay tribute to the young queens standing up as revolutionary victims at Marjory Stonemason Douglas High School.

Watch Philly perform live:
“Everything is Falling Apart” Astoria, Queens, March 22nd

Queer Artist Spotlight:
“Life” by Matt Davis

Nurse! (Pop Emergencies)
Janelle Monae is blowing us away with her new singles “Make Me Feel” and “Django Jane”.  Pussy Riot and the Russian government are at each other again.  Global Superstar CL closes the Olympics in South Korea.
Queer Artist Spotlight:
“Tin Roof Now” by La Louma

Whitney Houston & Transwomen

Main Topic:  Royalty Review (Whitney Houston)
6 years ago we lost a gift to the world - the voice, the star, Ms. Whitney Houston.  Her career was epic but cut way too short, so with the gifts we were left with, will she pass her ROYALTY REVIEW?  Let’s see, honey…

Catching Up
Johnny experiences a musical rebirth filled with anxiety and hope.  Philly begins a new phase in stand-up comedy career, in which he is being reached out to!  Juju is a gay man, but his identity and the nature of sexuality and gender is thrown for a loop when a pre-bottom-surgery trans-woman propositions him.

Watch Philly perform live:
“Everything is Falling Apart” Astoria, Queens, March 22nd

Queer Artist Spotlight:
Sob Sister’s “Pansy”

Nurse! (Pop Emergencies)
Whatever happened to Tinashe?  Cardi B destroys New York Fashion Week.  Black Panther and it’s glorious soundtrack are out!
Queer Artist Spotlight:
Baby Rex’s “Better To Do”

Love Songs & Kidnappings

Back Rolls! (Main Topic: Love Songs)

In honor of Valentine’s Day, We discuss our favorite love songs, from “Run Away with Me” by Carly Rae Jepsen to “Crazy in Love” by Beyonce.


Catching Up

Johnny celebrates iconic Austin television news reporter Raven Ambers’s birthday today, instead of that other holiday everyone is celebrating.  Juju reflects on a recent epiphany he had regarding his soon-to-end romantic relationship of 5 years.  Philly’s Grandma Annie passed away this weekend; we hold our wine glasses up in salute to the queen!


Queer Artist Spotlight:

Julia Weldon’s “Take Me to the Water”



Nurse! (Pop Emergencies)

Johnny wonders if the recent news that Lana Del Rey was almost kidnapped is ushering in an era of crazy fans.  Juju gives us the T on what really went down when Tiffany Hadish met Beyonce.  Philly gives us our weekly Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 update!

Queer Artist Spotlight:

Neko Peoples’s “Jupiter”


Super Bowls & Alleged Rapists

Back Rolls! (Main Topic)

Justin Timberlake’s Halftime Show was so horrible that on today’s episode, we roll you back to the best and the worst of Super Bowl Halftime shows - from Michael Jackson to Beyonce to Gaga.


Catching Up

Juju’s first trip to trendy Brooklyn gay bar The Rosemont brings him face-to-face with his rapist, making him reconsider talk therapy.  Phil has been living in full embrace of “less trash, more cash”.  Johnny marches up towards a musical reinvention where his vocals are right up front.


Queer Artist Spotlight:

HoneyChrome’s “Boomerang”



Nurse! (Pop Emergencies)

Johnny puts forth Janet Jackson and Beyonce as this year’s potential Queens of the Summer.  Juju engages the group in a conversation on Kim Petras - the rising pop star who happens to be a gifted songwriter and transexual but works almost exclusively with Dr. Luke.  

Queer Artist Spotlight:

Modern Huge’s “Nothing I Say Will Make It Better”


The Grammy’s Was a Total Drag... Race

Face the Music! (Main Topic)

On today’s episode, The Grammy’s faces the music!  The good, the bad and the racist.


Catching Up

Phil has a date with one of our listener’s!  Juju and his boyfriend have been basking in the glory of MoviePass - a filmic renaissance, darling!  Following up from his performance with iconic drag House of Velour, Johnny anticipates his 


Queer Artist Spotlight:

Sizzy Rocket’s “Hot Summer”



Nurse! (Pop Emergencies)

Johnny needs Britney Spears to be re-evaluated for springing a New York City performance on us.  Juju rejoices in the return of Rupaul’s Drag Race with All Stars Season 3!  

Queer Artist Spotlight:

식료품groceries’s “Gold-Level Store Loyalty Card”


Season 2 Finale :(

SEE US LIVE: A Very GRITS Christmas

Facebook Event:  http://bit.ly/2mRpRz5


Intro:  “I Just Wanna Lounge” by Juju Garcia

Outro: “Missin’ My Baby” by Juju Garcia



Our Queer-Ass Lives:  High School Music, Johnny & Juju Perform

Philly anticipates his birthday and a major work trip, Johnny gets invited back to Prague Fringe Festiva, and Juju celebrates the debut of his Christmas EP “Christmas in a Tutu” - available anywhere you STREAM AND DOWNLOAD music.


Queers on Queens:




Year Wrap-Up, Queer Musicians, Christmas Music, New Year’s Resolutions

Gaga is back slaying on tour, the Snake’s new album is good to Johnny, Britney Spears Vegas residency comes to an end, Tove Lo’s new album is fire, and our listener-requested episodes were amazing!

We are ESPECIALLY thankful for all the queer musicians you’ve heard this season:

Issa Israel

The Just Luckies

Twin Kids


My Gay Banjo

Johnny Darlin

Juju Garcia

The Sweeping Exits

Dakota Jones

Merce Lemon

Our Christmas music ELITE Recommendations:  Mariah Carey, N’Sync, Christina Aguilera, Sia, Barbra Streisand, Rupaul, Elvis Presley, Maya, P!nk, Brandy, Luther Vandross

Phil wants to learn a language, Johnny aims his eye at major blogs and bigger venues, and Juju craves to tap into a sincere way to serve his fans.

Fan Request!: SUPERFRUIT

Intro:  “White People” by The Just Luckies

Outro: “Lake Michigan” by The Just Luckies




Fan Request Numero 2:  Pentatonix-derivative duo Superfruit creates super-pop sweet confections.  We love them but are thrown into a debate about whether or not pop star’s displaying their true personality is a good thing.


Queers on Queens:




Our Queer-Ass Lives:  High School Music, Johnny & Juju Perform

Philly brings us back to high school with Spotify’s “Time Capsule” feature.  Johnny Darlin reflects on his amazing debut performance for his EP “Push”, and welcomes his friend Todd to New York City and his new keytar KEELEY to the world.  Juju anticipates his upcoming “Christmas in a Tutu” performance.


Pop News:  P!nk “Beautiful Trauma” Queer Review

We comprehensively GAG over P!nk’s new album, now that it’s come out.

Kelly Clarkson is OUR “Meaning of Life”

Main Topic:  Kelly Clarkson’s “Meaning of Life”

We give you a queer gag over Kelly Clarkson’s unique place in American culture, her inimitably consistently strong vocal performances, and, of course, her new album.


Queers on Queens:




Our Queer-Ass Lives:  Phoebe’s Halloween Party

We’re hungover, thanks to an iconic party in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  Great costumes, creepy guys and OUR FANS!  The ultimate Halloween Party, thrown by the most amazing QUEEN!  Also, Johnny and Juju ventured to Metropolitan bar and saw queen drag queen #JackieBeat.


Pop News:  Demi Lovato, Janet Jackson, YEBBA

Philly explores the fakery and bafoonery of Demi Lovato’s documentary “Simply Complicated”.  Johnny dreads Justin Timberlake’s return to the Super Bowl with Janet Jackson’s career in his bloody past.  Juju recommends YEBBA’s “Evergreen”, and then suddenly brings up someone’s deeply problematic coming out, after being accused of sexual assault with a minor by Anthony Rapp.

The “Halloween Episode” LOL

Indulge in Johnny Darlin’s New EP “Push”



Main Topic:  Halloween We Guess? LOL

We discuss our halloween plans, histories, costume ideas, and of course, the female divas place in Halloween pop music.


Queers on Queens:




Our Queer-Ass Lives:  Work Crush, PUSH E.P., Edibles

Philly anticipates “work crush”’s return, Johnny celebrates his new EP “Push” while having triggering love-crush-dreams, Juju is still sick and reminisces on his birthday edible chocolate experience.


Pop News:  Country Queens Get Married, Are We Old?, Seasonal Christmas LOL

Marin Morris and Kasey Musgraves get married!  Billboard’s “21 Under 21” list is rudely making us question our illustrious youth!  Sia releases a “seasonal” album entitled “Everyday Is Christmas” LOL.

Is Betty Who, the White Tinashe?

Main Topic:  Betty Who (Honey, We’ll Tell You Who)

A QoQ listener request: We gag over the iconic, Australian, underrated QUEEN Betty Who!  And then, of course, discuss “Why the hell isn’t she bigger?”, as well as her catering to the queer community. Is it genuine???


Intro song: “The Feeling” by Issa Israel (Instagram / iTunes)


Queers on Queens:




Our Queer-Ass Lives:  #MeToo and Day-Job Artists

After a recent sexual abuse experience, Juju opens up a real conversation about #MeToo.  Johnny Darlin and Philly explore the anxiety of being an artist with a day job.  Also, Juju is recording from bed, because he is DEAD SICK.


Pop News:  Megan Linsey, Dudeboard Charts, and Selena & Google  

Johnny praises new country queen Megan Linsey and her taking a knee after singing the national anthem at a nationally televised football game.  Philly gets our thoughts on why women are EMPTY from the charts this year.  Juju celebrates Google’s shout-out to the late, great Selena Quintanilla; with a special prize proposal to a QoQ listener that tweets us their favorite Selena song.

Meet Us in Brooklyn! // ¡Oh My God, It’s P!nk!


Johnny Darlin is having a Release Party for his upcoming EP “Push” in Brooklyn, Monday, October 23rd.  We definitely want to meet you all there, so CLICK HERE FOR EVENT DETAILS.


Main Topic:  Not Yellow, Not Blue, It’s True, It’s P!nk

The artist also known as Pink comes out today!  So, we celebrate her low-key iconic career.  Tweet us your favorite song!


Queers on Queens:




Our Queer-Ass Lives:  Performing Live, Too Femme for Tokyo, and the Comic Book “Is’Nana the Were-Spider”

Johnny anxiously awaits his return to the live stage, Juju recounts an experience of senseless misogynistic rejection in Tokyo (similar to Violet Chatchki’s in Paris), and Philly finds himself nerding out before stumbling upon his queer, POC friend’s comic book Kickstarter. Support queer artists and check out their awesome work!


Pop News:  A LOT TO CATCH UP ON:  White-Passing Privilege, Shania vs. Demi vs. Miley, Lady Gaga & Kelela & Cardi B, Tove Love Puppet Sex & Pussycat Dolls’ Return

Johnny put 3 recent album releases up against each other artistically and commercially.  Juju apologizes about our shade against Gaga, now that we are all aware of her debilitating battle with pain, and praises new queen Kelela and newly minted record-breaker Cardi B.  Philly turns our attention to Tove Lo’s new music video, in which she is eaten out by a puppet, and the imminent return of the Pussycat Dolls.

Fall Pop Preview

Our Queer-Ass Lives: Japanese Chubby-Chasers, Mulan, and Clinging to Your Art

Juju gets ready to return to Tokyo, Japan, anticipating the debu-sen (デブ専, chubby-chaser) community.  Philly gets reinvigorated by Mulan - animated feminist hero!  Johnny opens up candidly about recent artistic and career insecurities. IT GETS EMOTIONAL GURL! <3


Queers on Queens:




Pop News: Sam Smith, Carly Rae Jepsen and OUR FANS!

Juju, once unable to listen to Sam Smith’s voice, praises his new single “Too Good at Goodbyes”.  Philly crumbles at the news of Carly Rae Jepsen opening for Katy Perry.  Johnny wants to shout out one of our listeners for inspiring us to gear up for an upcoming Betty Who episode; follow your fellow listener Reyes Acosta on Instagram!



We anticipate albums and tours from, as well as discuss the current state of careers for:  Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Shania Twain, Taylor Swift, Kesha.

Fergie is “The Dutchess”

Main Topic:  Fergie’s “The Dutchess”
We anticipate Fergie’s highly-anticipated 2nd solo album, by celebrating her first solo album “The Dutchess” and it’s place in pop music history. S HE SLAYS. SHE IS MESSY.  SHE IS US.  Let us know your favorite Fergie song!

Queers on Queens:

Our Queer-Ass Lives: Los Angeles, Texas, New York Fashion Week
While dying, Johnny Darlin flies to L.A. with 2 amazing queer friends and rewatches the iconic Cher & Christina Aguilera film “Burlesque”.  Philly visits Texas for work, but still makes time to get turnt at the “Dallas Brew Fest”.  Juju shades the NY-Fashion-Week-Phillip-Plein-House DOWN for the designer’s culturally appropriative show (but is still thankful that Dita Von Teese, Nicki Minaj and Future were there) and then has sex with Queers on Queens fan.

Pop News: Rupaul, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga
Philly celebrates Rupaul’s Drag Race’s Emmy wins and shifting place in culture.  Johnny faints at Britney’s first Earth-shaking live vocal moment in years, at the end of her Vegas residency, in which she goes in on Bonnie Raitt’s “Something to Talk About”.  Juju laments Gaga’s claims that she is ready to “slow down” and the queers advocate this is her time to shine

***We recorded this before a recent spat of health issues have come to public knowledge. We wish our queen health and will record a follow-up episode to be released within the next week.***

Gaga’s Joanne Tour & Johnny’s Dead!

Main Topic:  Lady Gaga's Joanne Tour

We told all of you to rate, review and subscribe, and you HOES didn’t come through, so Johnny is still dead!… or is he? It’s up to you bitches to tweet at usssss.

The Queers discuss their time at Lady Gaga’s “Joanne World Tour”. ***We recorded this before a recent spat of health issues have come to public knowledge. We wish our queen health and will record a follow-up episode to be released within the next week.***


Queers on Queens:




Our Queer-Ass Lives: Brooklyn & San Francisco for Labor Day Weekend

Phil had a fabulous Labor Day Weekend with work crush in Brooklyn.  Juju went to San Francisco for their hottest day on record, and relished in the queer scene and beauty there for Labor Day and caught up with his friend and genius tattoo apprentice KuroNeko (http://bit.ly/2ut7mDl).  


Aretha Franklin DIVA takedown video: http://bit.ly/2gg61Ye


Pop News: Despacito & Tove Lo

Juju despairs albeit with hope that “Despacito” has only TIED with Mariah Carey’s iconic “One Sweet Day” record for single with most weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.  Philly bows down for his QUEEN Tove Lo and her new Short Film Fire Fade (http://bit.ly/2ixD9OY).

Blocked by a Swiftie #SNAKE

Main Topic:  “Look What You Made Me Do”
We discuss queen snake’s new single and music video… We spill T, burn white feminism to the ground and disrespect the lack of the craft coming out from the world’s resident self-identified victim.

Queers on Queens:

Our Queer-Ass Lives: Sick, Italy, Mariah
Johnny is SICK; you fuckers better tweet us or he won’t survive! Philly gives us a vocal journey through his gorgeous trip to Italy.  Juju traveled to Madison Square to see the QUEEN Mariah Carey and Lionel Richie.  Despacito ft. Justin Bieber is unfortunately tied with Mariah Carey and. Boys to Men’s “One Sweet Day” for longest running #1 song.  Let’s root for this to not go to a takeover.

Pop News: Katy and the VMA’s
Philly takes down Katy Perry’s “Swish Swish” music video, saved only by Nicki Minaj’s existence.  Juju had to turn off the VMA’s.

Sponsor (we swear we have them! We swear!)
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VMAs 2017


Intro Song: “Anna Wintour on the Floor” by Juju Garcia



Main Topic:  VMA Predictions!!

The biggest pop music award show is this Sunday, and we give our hopes to Alessia Cara and other young and rising pop queens, while remaining of the recent reincarnations of Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus.  Then, we give you those hot takes on all our picks for all the important noms.



Our Queer-Ass Lives:

Philly is going to Italy, Johnny is getting ready to visit lovers and friends in LA, and Juju is visiting his tattoo artist BFF in San Francisco - check out her work here:  blackserum.com/neko.


Don’t forget to subscribe, rate and follow!  We love you and want to hear from you. Email: queersonqueens@gmail.com


Pop News:

Johnny brings up freshly-publicy-queer Aaron Carter, only to talk about Hillary Duff and Lindsay Lohan.  Juju is NOT OKAY with Seattle not being into Beyonce.  Philly puts new queens Dua Lipa and Bebe Rexha into conversation.

Seattle article on Beyonce: http://bit.ly/2wHBAUD   

Japanese QUEEN Naomi Watanabe:  http://bit.ly/2xlNwbX 


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